Monday, September 17, 2012

National Heart Gallery

I first discovered the Heart Gallery when it was on display at my local mall a few years back. Captivated by the sea of smiling faces staring back at me, I studied each as well as their stories reaching out to me from beneath their picture.  Two brothers, ages 10 and 12 that would like to find a loving family where they can stay together. An adorable freckle faced red head hugging onto a tree with the most playful of smiles. A quirky 13 year old that loves drama, poetry and swimming, her picture showing her jumping in the air, beaming a smirky smile that was bound to capture anyone’s heart.

I was mesmerized. 

I was so excited to see those faces and read their stories. I was overjoyed to see those with ribbons saying they had already found their forever families, and broken for those who were still looking and desperately hoping. I love that the Heart Gallery is made possible through the volunteer efforts of professional photographers. I love that it has become so popular since its introduction in 2001 that there are now Heart Galleries in nearly every state across the nation.

The California "State" Gallery (selected
from all of the California galleries) being
erected in the State capitol building in 2010

Visit the National Heart Gallery and click on your state to see waiting children in your area. Even if you aren't looking to adopt you can see their faces, read their stories and pray for their journey.

Do you know anyone that has found their "forever family" through a Heart Gallery? Have you ever been to or been involved with one? What was your experience?  I would love to hear!

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