Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{23/31 Days} Organizations Making a Difference: Research & Policy Change

These organizations have provided invaluable research to offer our nation a true look at the foster care system. The results have helped social workers, lawmakers and the general public to see the strengths and weaknesses of our system and the impact that it has on our most vulnerable youth, prompting policy change and giving birth the many organizations described in this series that strive to make a difference.  

Casey Family Programs, established by UPS founder Jim Casey in 1966, is the nation's largest foundation whose primary focus is youth in the foster care system. The Casey Foundation has branched out to include multiple other foundations, each with a specific emphasis. Below, is their brief overview from Casey Family of Foundations:  

Casey Family Programs is a national foundation whose sole mission is to provide and improve – and ultimately prevent the need for – foster care. Established in 1966, the foundation draws on more than 40 years of experience and expert research and analysis to improve the lives of children and youth in foster care in two important ways: by providing direct services and supports to foster families and by promoting improvements in child welfare practice and policy.
The Annie E. Casey Foundation is a private charitable organization dedicated to building better futures for disadvantaged children in the United States. Established in 1948 and based in Baltimore, Maryland, the Foundation fosters public policies, human services, and community supports that more effectively meet the needs of vulnerable children and families. In pursuit of this goal, the Foundation makes grants that help states, cities, and neighborhoods fashion more innovative, cost-effective responses to needs.
Casey Family Services was established in 1976 as a source for high-quality foster care. Casey Family Services today offers a broad range of programs for vulnerable children and families throughout New England and in Baltimore, Maryland. The agency is committed to ensuring that every child in foster care leaves the system with a permanent connection to a family or caring adult.
Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative was created in 2001 by Casey Family Programs and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, the Initiative is a major national effort to help youth in foster care make successful transitions to adulthood.
The Marguerite Casey Foundation,created by Casey Family Programs in 2001, is based in Seattle, Washington. The Marguerite Casey Foundation is a private, independent grant-making foundation that helps low-income families strengthen their voice and mobilize their communities. 

CWLA is a powerful coalition of hundreds of private and public agencies serving vulnerable children and families since 1920. Our expertise, leadership and innovation on policies, programs, and practices help improve the lives of millions of children in all 50 states. Our impact is felt worldwide.

Established in 1998, NFCC's mission is to build and sustain political and public will to improve the foster care system and the lives of the children and youth in its care.

California Youth Connection (CYC) is a youth led organization that develops leaders who empower each other and their communities to transform the foster care system through legislative and policy change. Their success over the last 23 years has served as a model that other states have chosen to emulate.


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