Sunday, October 28, 2012

{31 Days} Organizations Making a Difference - Discounts for Families

There are several different groups that have set out to make a difference in the foster care system through a myriad of ways. Over the next few days I’ll be highlighting some of these different organizations that offer discounts, research and policy change, camps for children, and support for families. These are pretty much all nonprofit organizations that primarily run off of donations and the hard work of volunteers. So feel free to jump in on one if it peaks your interest, you are needed. Of course tell me all about it – I love to hear stories! On the same note, if I leave some amazing organization out, please tell me about it, I may not have come across it yet and I would always love to discover more groups that are working to make a difference!

Today’s Focus: Discounts & benefits for Foster Families

iFoster is an amazing organization that is young and on fire! “By leveraging technology and aggregating a community of millions of voices and billions of dollars in purchasing power, iFoster attracts new external resources and supports from national and local corporations, philanthropy and non-profits. iFoster empowers these children and youth and their families to change their own lives, forever.In just two short years they have:

Over 12,000 members including youth, families, non-profit and gov't agencies in child welfare
Over 1,250,000 children & youth supported by iFoster members.
Over 1,500 computers delivered enabling 3,000+ children and youth.
Over $20 Million in savings realized.

Foster Cares has a similar plan and focus as iFoster but I have not seen any action or updates from them lately. Still keep them on the radar because it’s a great idea and every little bit helps. J

In addition to these two national organizations there are many statewide and local organizations that offer discounts to foster youth, families, and emancipated youth. Oregon and Washington offer free camping and day-use parking to their foster parents at their state parks.  Alaska’s FosterWear program provides discounts at major retailers.  Indiana offers a free membership to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. I recommend doing a Google search for “discounts for foster parents {insert state name}” and see what comes up. You can also repeat this search for your specific city.

If you are looking for local discounts and generally those that are involved with foster youth, you will probably find the best results by simply asking around. Ask your local Foster Agency, other foster parents and look into your local foster parent association. Your local foster parent association should not only know about area discounts and benefits, they may also offer several of their own to association members.

Consider partnering with your local foster parent association or other local group that shares a common goal of providing relief and positive opportunities for foster families to gather discounts from local businesses. I have found that many local businesses are willing to provide a small discount to show their support, many just haven't been asked yet. Imagine the difference it could make if a foster parent could save 10% on clothes here or get BOGO free there, the possibilities are endless - and very exciting! :)

~Tristen :)

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